Between studying, working, and going out for socials, life can get pretty busy and stressful. Use these audio recordings to help you relax and keep clarity of mind.


Duration:  10 minute and 25 minute versions available (mp3)
Description: Mindfulness helps you become focused and allows you to rest from constant thinking. Practice being in the present, and let go of worries about the future and past.

Progress Muscle Relaxation

Duration:  10 minutes (mp3)
Description: Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a technique of tensing and relaxing muscles through your body - it can help to increase levels of relaxation and decrease levels of stress and tension.

Body Scan

Duration:  25 minutes (mp3)
Description: The Body Scan is a Mindfulness based practice that allows us to be present with our bodies and to learn to observe and experience our bodies without judgement, analysis or resistance. It is sometimes useful to do it before doing the Mindfulness meditation as it tends to focus the mind and ground the body.